(North Dufferin Agricultural and Community Taskforce, Inc.)

We are an incorporated, not for profit, entity which was formed in January 2009 by concerned citizens from Melancthon and Mulmur Townships.

The NDACT executive board was formed by a group of volunteers nominated by community members.

At the inaugural meeting, members of the community gathered to voice their concerns and to find out more about The Highland Companies plans regarding the more than 6,000 acres of prime agricultural land that they had amassed as of that date. Up to that point in time, and for a lengthy period of time afterwards, Highland reiterated to the community that they had been acquiring large tracts of agricultural land solely with a view to creating a world class farming operation, but residents were highly skeptical.

By the date of the meeting, there was a growing suspicion in the area that other plans were afoot, although the applicant would not clearly admit so. There was significant evidence that the applicant was undertaking activities that were inconsistent with its stated intentions (of just being interested in potato farming) including well testing and drilling, archaeological studies, woodlot and fence row clearing and the demolition of homesteads. Highland stated that these activities were merely to improve their farming operations.

Carl Cosack, NDACT Chair, Steps Down

It is official...

At the November 13, 2014 NDACT Board Meeting, Carl Cosack stepped down as Chair. He was voted on as Chair, November 5, 2011, replacing NDACT's first Chair, Dale Rutledge.

Shirley Boxem was voted on as Chair, leaving the Vice Chair position vacant at this point.

Carl will continue to provide invaluable support by remaining on the NDACT Board.

Thank you Carl, for your your boundless energy, and tireless effort in moving our issues forward and into the limelight.