Importance of Comments for Review

Message from the CHAIR

At the end of this week is the deadline for comments to the Coordinated Land Use Review. As we have stated many times, we as the public don’t get many opportunities to impact policy – particularly for the protection of prime food-producing land and regions of source water.

This is a rare opportunity to make your voice heard. The current recommendations being proposed do not go far enough, and still allow opportunity for rezoning and inappropriate siting of developments and aggregate operations. Citizens will still have to gather resources to object to projects that were not deemed allowable in the first place.

NDACT has stood for full cost accounting on the part of the proponent of any activity and its impacts, as well as public consultation and engagement on rezoning decisions. Communities should not have to bear the responsibility for such projects, nor should local citizens have to bear the cost of land and water protection. Those principles are at the heart of where NDACT comes from and has always stood for.

We encourage everyone to submit a response. We have NDACT and F&WF versions of wording you may wish to use, or you are welcome to draft your own as it applies to your community. Say what you want, but say something. We as a province currently export over 11 billion in agri-food products, but import over twice that.  We spend over .43 per dollar on our health system with the primary cost being diet related health issues. This is not news to most of you, just please be reminded of what we’re all working towards. More healthy and fresh local food is what we think we should be leaving to future generations.

Protect our food supply and protect our water. Your voice matters.

Put Food & Water First!

Shirley Boxem,