Greenbelt News

2018 is off to a big start with an announcement from the Ontario government about expanding the Greenbelt in order to protect more water resources! The province is launching a public consultation process which means you will be able to make a difference. The deadline for comments is March 7, 2018.  

The Chair of Food & Water First, Brian Bell, has already responded to the government's announcement with a letter supporting the move.

"It is a positive step forward that can lead, with public support, to better protection of our farmland and source water supplies."

Brian's response was published in the Creemore Echo and you can read it here: Food & Water First letter 


A consortium of environmental groups has also been formed to push for water protection within an expanded Greenbelt. Food & Water First is proud to be a part of ProtectOurWater along with farmers, First Nations activists and author Margaret Atwood.  


Read more about the province's study and the positive response to it in this Toronto Star story. And get ready to ACT!