August 2013 Newsletter


We are meeting with Bonnefield Financial, the new owners of the land that formerly belonged to Highlands, this month to propose an idea on how they can help drive the rebuilding of Melancthon’s tax base and in the rebuilding of our community. Stay tuned.

I am also hopeful that they will sign on with Food and Water First and become a lead in helping us convince the government to pay close attention to the preservation of Farmland and Source Water Regions for the benefit of us, future generations and the financial community represented by Bonnefield. This farmland is much more than “dirt” to grow things in, thus it needs the full attention of our Agricultural Minister.

For those of us who are farming/ranching, this will be a summer we will not soon forget. I finished cutting the ‘first cut’ of hay today, almost 3 weeks behind schedule; and almost got the swather stuck in rain soaked fields. Never before in my life, that is for sure.

However, it is with excitement that I look forward to a great day on August 18th, please join us and I will bring you up to date on what we know by then.

Please take the pledge at , signs with the message have been spotted in Ottawa, Algonquin Park, North Bay, Sudbury, Toronto, London, St. Catherine’s, Mulmur and Melancthon, Collingwood, Scarborough, Pickering, Yellowknife, Shelburne, Alliston, North Simcoe, Dundalk, Springwater township, Southgate, Barrie, Owen Sound, Keady, and so on. Get your sign today, or on the 18th. Let us drive meaningful change to the Aggregate Resources Act and the Provincial Policy Statement. Now is the time, stay involved.

A special thanks has to go out to the committee who so diligently worked on the float to promote awareness. John DeCrombrugge towed it in the Alliston Potato Festival parade and the Shelburne Fiddleville Parade.  I hope you cheered when it went by. Thank you to John, his wife Annette and those who worked so hard in making this happen.

Carl Cosack

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