April 2013 Newsletter

Message from The Chair

It is April 21st and the greening grass fires us all up, another beautiful season is on its way and cows, horses as well as humans are enjoying the sunshine.

Together we continue to create positive news. Personally I am grateful for our new Board members, Tom Long, Brian Bell and Shirley Boxem who have chosen to join NDACT and the hard working group of hundreds of volunteers that are spreading the word about ‘FOOD and WATER FIRST’, getting business partners signed up and are asking politicians, and everyone else, to join us in our quest to preserve Prime Farmland and Source Water regions not just for us, but for generations to come.

You can download the PowerPoint from the NDACT website (and on page 5 of this newsletter), please talk to your business contacts to join us, elevate agriculture’s importance, explain how we are all connected, and how so much of Ontario’s prosperity depends on the very acres/hectares of farmland that make it all happen.


IT is not often that ‘public policy’ and ‘public opinion’ intersect; this will be one of those times. With your continued diligence and support we all will be part of something that we do not often get a chance to do: Create fundamental, meaningful and long lasting change that will truly benefit society. In essence, you are part of the true meaning of “Public Service”.

NDACT could not be leading the ‘FOOD and WATER FIRST’ movement so effectively if it was not for the dozens of people who are working so diligently on the new website www.foodandwaterfirst.com and the many other things that it takes to get our message out there. Thank you so much to you all, through your smarts, words and hard work, for making this possible and for giving us all the chance to, once again, beat the odds.

By insisting on modernizing the Aggregate Resources Act (ARA) via the ARA review and having the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) reflect much more effectively the required protection of both Prime Farmland and Source Water Regions you are helping to deliver that change.

Many things are going on right now, please check www.NDACT.com often to stay informed and appraised of the “Calls to Action” that, when you respond, engage and then pass them on to your contacts, so effectively support our “Asks” of government and policy makers.  The current Call to Action is on page 3 of this newsletter.

Our goal is simple, our “ASK” is doable, let us make this reality.

With sincere appreciation for all that you do,

Carl Cosack


Pages 1 and 2

  • Message from the Chair
  • Food & Water First website
  • Upcoming events

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Pages 3 and 4

  • Call to Action - ARA Review, Next Round
  • AWARE meeting
  • Social media links
  • Merchandise volunteers required
  • our new mailing address: NDACT, P.O. Box 875, Shelburne, ON L9V 3M1

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  • Food and Water First Community Partners
  • Photo Gallery

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